Our Delivery Options

Minimum order of 10 railway sleepers to be eligible for delivery.

If you live local to us then the minimum is 8.

railway sleeper delivery

We deliver across the whole of the North West and often further afield providing the quantity and distance make it worth our while.
Railway Sleepers to Cardiff - Swansea - Neath, Llanelli, Aberystwyth - Haverfordwest and beyond.

Our wood yard is situated near Carmarthenin, West Wales. Customers are welcome to view or collect from us. If you want to view or collect from us then please phone to make an appointment (01267 281 763).. We can then agree a day/time and give you our address/directions to the wood yard.

Important: We deliver to roadside/driveway.

Order and Buy Railway Sleepers in West Wales from Carmarthen Demolition Ltd

Looking to buy Railway Sleepers in Carmarthenshire, West Wales? We have a wide range of affordable quality reclaimed wooden railway sleepers available in 8ft x 20ft wood or concrete options. Each material has a further selection of grades and sizes, which means that we always have a sleeper that will suit your budget and needs. We also have Jarrah Planks (Very strong wood from Australia) available in various sizes. Take a look at some of our products.

quality wooden railway sleepersReclaimed Wooden Railway Grades

A variety of grades and sizes available, we have a wide collection of railway sleepers to meet all kinds of requirements and budgets. Whether you need concrete railway sleepers or the softwood variety, we have it all.

  • Grade A
    A Grade A railway sleeper is a used sleeper in very good condition. It will have bolt holes where the tracks were attached to it and It is very sound, free from rot and can be used for stacking, building retaining walls and many other uses where a clean straight edged appearance is essential.
  • Grade B (Most commonly used by Landscaping professionals)
    A Grade B railway sleeper is also a used sleeper with all the same characteristics of the Grade A above. (more rustic appearance ). They can be used to stand portable buildings or containers, raised beds or a plethora of other uses.
  • Grade C
    A Grade C railway sleeper has all the characteristics of the above grades but can have more serious damage to most sides. A small amount of rot to the underside is allowable,  a grade C sleeper.

Buy reclaimed timber railway sleepers.

These are carefully hand-selected and graded reclaimed hardwood sleepers. They may contain some metal banding and tar deposits, but they have been selected for the quality of the timber. Beware of the cheap copies….. These are the real deal – just try lifting one to find out!

buy concrete railway sleepers walesBuy Concrete Railway Sleepers

They are extremely strong, durable and very heavy. Concrete sleepers can be used for retaining walls, temporary or permanent road surfaces, bridges, cattle tracks or can be sold for use in RSJ’s for wall building. Please contact us for sizes and current stock levels.

Buy Motorway BarriersBuy Motorway Barriers

They have many uses including cattle penning, retaining walls, storage bunkers, and general protection around the farm.

Please contact for best prices.

Buy Jarrah Wood walesBuy Jarrah Wood


Uses for Reclaimed Railway Sleepers

As stated above, reclaimed timber sleepers can be used for a variety of garden landscaping projects. Raised beds, garden borders and lawn edging are a few simple but effective uses for sleepers in the garden.
Sleepers can also be used for more advanced projects including retaining walls, landscape steps and other hard landscaping works.

At Carmarthen Demolition Ltd, we make sure that we meet every customers' needs. Our sleepers are available in various materials, including softwood, Jarrah hardwood, French oak, and concrete. We provide speedy delivery in Carmarthen and across South Wales along the M4 corridor to Cardiff. Contact us for further information.

Rock & Fountain Quarry, Cynwyl Rd, Carmarthen, SA33 6AR

E-mail: sales@railwaysleeperswestwales.co.uk

Tel: 01267 281 763

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